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Spectacular Spring weather in Idyllwild

Idyllwild is turning lush and green and Strawberry Creek as it flows through Quiet Creek Inn is gorgeous.  The lilacs are just beginning to fade but the creekside ferns haven’t hit their stride yet.  The temp this weekend should be in the 70s under blue skies.

Should be a pleasant day in Idyllwild

At 6:00 am the temp was 57, which means it should be no warmer than the mid-80′s; possibly a high of 87.  Lovely weather!

More great weather for hiking about the village

It’s a great day to visit Idyllwild.  The temp at 6 am today was 59, which means it’ll be a glorious day in Idyllwild with temps in the low 80s.

Don’t miss the Art Alliance of Idyllwild’s Judged Member Show and Working Artist’s Studio Tour today and tomorrow.  The Member Show is at Quiet Creek Living Room Gallery in the village next to the Rustic Theater.  The reception and awards will be this evening, Saturday, 7/14, 6-8 pm; the address is 54300 North Circle Drive.

Great hiking weather!

This morning’s temp was 61 at 5:00 am, which would indicate a day time high in the mid- to high-80s but at close to 11 am it’s only 72 and cloudy so I don’t think it’ll get much above 8o today.  We had a bit of drizzle last night as well as yesterday morning.

Assuming no heavy rain, this is ideal weather for hiking.

The temp was 51 at 6:00 am

It’ll be cooler today than yesterday – probably low 80s.  The Idyllwild temp at Quiet Creek Inn was 51 this morning – about 7 degrees cooler than yesterday at the same time.  A lovely day in Idyllwild!

Don’t forget the Artist Reception for Ceramicist Leslie Thompson at Quiet Creek Living Room Gallery in the village this afternoon  4-7 pm.

Idyllwild weather – it’s not what you’re told

A repeat guest who was checking in yesterday was welcomed by a very pleasant 78 degrees and slight breeze.  She commented that the weather reports were for temps close to 100 in Idyllwild.  It reminded me that not only are the weather reports for Idyllwild wrong in winter; they are also wrong in summer.  In winter most reports forecast colder and with more snow than actual and warmer in summer.  As I’m getting dressed in the morning I estimate the day’s high by the temp first thing in the morning – 40′s will be a cool day, 50′s pleasant and 60′s edging toward warm/hot.  This morning was 50-52 (memory failing – yesterday was 52 but I think it was cooler today).  Yesterday was a very pleasant day and today should be even more so with highs in the mid-70′s.  When traveling to Idyllwild layering should be in the plan.

I’m going to try to remember to post a temp report everyday for those traveling to Idyllwild to have an accurate idea of what to expect.  Also, we have two weather links posted on our web site: WeatherUndeground.com and the National Weather Service.  In composite they seem to be the best of the lot based on years of Idyllwild weather watching, which is not a science as there is no official weather station in Idyllwild.

Snow & sunshine

All roads are clear to Idyllwild and there’s still patchy snow on the ground and possibly more Sunday night.  Sunny weather abounds – come on up!


It was 70 degrees yesterday and today it’s snowing, though not enough to stick yet.

If coming to Idyllwild watch the forecasts.

Snow in Idyllwild seems unlikely for this weekend

According to various online weather reports it seems the snow level won’t get much below 7500 feet this weekend so there’s a slight possibility of rain but unlikely possibility for snow.

Keep an eye on both weather links on our web site as well as this “Breaking News” for “on-the-ground” reporting.

Picture postcard snow

Snow on the ground, sunny skies, 60 degrees tomorrow and Saturday.  What are you waiting for!

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