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Should be a pleasant day in Idyllwild

At 6:00 am the temp was 57, which means it should be no warmer than the mid-80′s; possibly a high of 87.  Lovely weather!

More great weather for hiking about the village

It’s a great day to visit Idyllwild.  The temp at 6 am today was 59, which means it’ll be a glorious day in Idyllwild with temps in the low 80s.

Don’t miss the Art Alliance of Idyllwild’s Judged Member Show and Working Artist’s Studio Tour today and tomorrow.  The Member Show is at Quiet Creek Living Room Gallery in the village next to the Rustic Theater.  The reception and awards will be this evening, Saturday, 7/14, 6-8 pm; the address is 54300 North Circle Drive.

Great hiking weather!

This morning’s temp was 61 at 5:00 am, which would indicate a day time high in the mid- to high-80s but at close to 11 am it’s only 72 and cloudy so I don’t think it’ll get much above 8o today.  We had a bit of drizzle last night as well as yesterday morning.

Assuming no heavy rain, this is ideal weather for hiking.

Thunderstorms probably, rain maybe? Slightly cooler?

At 5:30 am it was 65 – a few degrees warmer than yesterday.  HOWEVER, it’s windy and “feels” like rain.  And this means my weather predicting is out the window for today.  The links on our web site (WeatherUnderground and the National Weather Service) forecast a high of 86 and I hope they are right – these two weather sites tend to be the most accurate for Idyllwild.  Thunderstorms and a chance of rain are also forecast for today.  Some rain would be lovely but would play havoc with the free Thursday Evening Concert Series.

Weather about the same as yesterday

It was 62 at 5:00 am this morning.  It was 61 yesterday morning at 4:00 am and the high was about 90.  It was 104 at 6:30 pm in Hemet and 101 earlier in the day in Temecula, according to my Forester’s temp gauge.  I heard from someone in the desert that it hit 124!  Yikes!  I’m guessing it’ll be about the same in Idyllwild today as it was yesterday – around 90.  I can live with that considering the options in our closest off-the-hill communities.

Idyllwild wildlife & a weather forecast

For two nights in a row coyotes have been howling at just about 4:00 am in our area of Idyllwild… probably on their way to some other areas of Idyllwild… lucky neighbors.

Which explains why I know that at 4:00 am the temp was 61, which means it’s going to be hotter than usual in Idyllwild today.  Will probably hit 90.  Today is also the day we run errands off the hill where it’ll be in the 100s; making one glad to live in Idyllwild the rest of the week.  :-)

Warmer today but pleasant – 87 at 2:00 pm with a slight breeze

It was 59 at 7 am this morning so I expected today to be a bit warmer than yesterday – high 80s.  At 2 pm it’s 87 in the village area but with a slight breeze that makes it feel pleasant even in direct sun.

This is part of an on-going series to help visitors and potential visitors get a handle on the difference between what’s forecast for Idyllwild and what’s really happening first hand.

Quiet Creek Inn Temp was 53 at 7:00 am

The high today should be similar to yesterday’s high of around 85 at Quiet Creek Inn.  The temp yesterday at 6 was 51 and today at 7 was 53 (I forgot to check it earlier).

The temp was 51 at 6:00 am

It’ll be cooler today than yesterday – probably low 80s.  The Idyllwild temp at Quiet Creek Inn was 51 this morning – about 7 degrees cooler than yesterday at the same time.  A lovely day in Idyllwild!

Don’t forget the Artist Reception for Ceramicist Leslie Thompson at Quiet Creek Living Room Gallery in the village this afternoon  4-7 pm.

58 degrees at 6 am – warmer today

It should be warmer today than yesterday.  This morning’s temp was 58 degrees at 6 am.  I expect temps in the mid to high 80s today.  Cool mornings and pleasant days.

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