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Snow is falling

Snow is falling in Idyllwild at close to 11 am.  It’s not sticking yet, in the village, but that could change later.  Keep an eye on the Weather & Road Conditions link on our web site.

Snow is falling

Nice, fluffy snowflakes are falling and covering everything in a light coating of white.  The colder weather forestalled rain and converted it to the white stuff.  Although it’s a light snowfall it feels like the kind that can hang in all night and through tomorrow.  We could be under a blanket by morning and not just a light coating.

Check the weather links on our web site

Everyone planning a trip to Idyllwild during this upcoming holiday week should keep an eye on the weather.  We have two weather links on our web site on the Weather & Road Conditions page.   The first section at the top comes from Weather Underground, which seems to be the most accurate, for Idyllwild, of the commercial weather sites.  Then there’s a banner that says Weather Resources and the first one is to the NOAA (the National Weather Service) and the second link  is to the James Reserve environmental camera so one can actually see how much snow there is.  The NOAA link says Idyllwild  but it’s really to Pine Cove, which is 1,000 feet higher than Idyllwild (I just discovered this yesterday – oops).  But that’s not a bad thing as we have properties in Pine Cove and if guests want snow that’s the first place that’ll get it.  If you want to check Idyllwild using NOAA just type Idyllwild, CA into the blank box below where it says Pine Cove.

By doing this you’ll notice that snow is “likely” in Pine Cove on Wednesday night but not in Idyllwild.  So there may be some white fluffy stuff around to play in over the Christmas weekend.

Snow yesterday afternoon

Idyllwild, 8:00 am, 2/28/10: To cap off a day of mostly drizzle the snow began mid-afternoon and continued until evening.  Here at the inn we only got an inch, two inches in the village area and more higher up in Fern Valley and Pine Cove.  Just enough to make it pretty and not too much to make it too difficult to get around. 

At 6:30 this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see guests unloading cross country skis from the car and heading over to the county park.  I should have taken a picture but I was getting in the shower at the time.

Blue skies and sunshine today with more precipitation expected mid-week.

Winter wonderland under blue skies

It’s truly gorgeous right now with a blanket of thick snow coating everything under cloudless blue skies.

It’s 9:15 am.  The snow stopped late yesterday afternoon.  Most of Idyllwild got at least 18″; where the inn is located, which is slightly lower in the valley, we are covered in 10-12″.  I’ll post the additional photos I took this morning to the Photo Gallery on our web site.

According to the DOT, roads are clear but chains or snow tires are required.

We have one king suite available at the inn tonight that can be rented for a one night stay for up to two guests.  We also have vacation rental cabins available for two night minimums and we need some notice to get the ready (plow, shovel, heat up, etc.).

Unexpected chance of snow today

It’s raining now. Not heavy but windy as well, which is making it seem down right stormy. There’s a chance of snow late morning but seems unlikely at our elevation as I think it will be too warm. It’s about five degrees warmer than the forecast says it is (Weather Underground says it’s 31, which it probably is in Pine Cove, but it’s 36 where we are in the valley), which means no snow where we are (unless the temperature stays this low) but there might be some at the higher elevations like up in Fern Valley or Pine Cove area. We’ll keep you posted.

The next couple of days are forecast to be clear, sunny and warmer; turning to partly cloudy over the weekend.

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