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Archive for February, 2009

Deep snow on the ground; roads are clear

This will be a great weekend for playing in the snow. The roads are clear and there’s lots of snow on the ground – hillsides and meadows. With cool days and cold nights it should last for at least another couple of weeks.

For this weekend we have one king suite left at the inn as well as a variety of vacation rental cabins that have a two-night minimum.

Weather & roads update from the Town Crier

As reported by the Town Crier’s “Web Alert”:

Right now, big, fat snowflakes are falling on Idyllwild. The snow started this morning at 7 a.m.. It is now 8:29 a.m.

The National Weather Service is calling for accumulations of about one inch per hour. Topping off at about 12-14 inches by tonight. Then one to three inches overnight. Tuesday is predicted to be mostly cloudy in the morning, becoming partly cloudy. Showers likely, but the storm should be tapering off.

CalTrans is reporting no traffic restrictions on either Highway 243 through Idyllwild or Highway 74 to Palm Desert and Hemet. But that will probably change soon.

For more information, click below:
Town Crier Web Site
Cal Trans Road Conditions
National Weather Service report
Riverside County Mountains
Mountain Center weather – Keenwild

Jim Crandall
Operations Manager
Idyllwild Town Crier

Weather & roads update

There is lots of snow on the ground (anywhere that isn’t plowed or shoveled).

The highway from Mountain Center to Idyllwild is clear and dry. Side roads are plowed but generally still packed snow – could be icy late at night and early morning. Our driveway can be difficult – still a good idea to walk in from Delano to check-out of or in to a vacation rental.

No precipitation yesterday or forecast for today. High probability of snow early Monday morning (Presidents’ Day) turning to rain by late morning, which could also be more snow subject to the temperature.

We have no vacation rentals available for the balance of this weekend but do have a a couple of studios available at the inn for up to two guests in each.

Weather & roads update

We got a couple more inches of snow late yesterday afernoon and last night. Today, Saturday, and tomorrow, Sunday, are forecast to be partly cloudy (no snow). Rain is forecast for early Monday morning; turning to “likely” snow around 10:00 am. I have no idea how we’re going to get rain while the temperature will be in the 20s but then I’m not a weather person.

We haven’t been on the roads yet this morning so can’t speak first hand but I heard a county snow plow on Delano and Four Chimneys in the middle of the night last night so my expectation is that at least the major roads will be clear. Driveways, parking pads and shoveled access will have a fresh dusting that shouldn’t affect their use. Please see Thursday’s posting about road and chain recommendations, which will still apply.

The inn’s driveway is snow packed. We’ve asked our snow plow to make yet another pass through but we never know when he’ll be able to get here and even when he does plow there will still be some snow pack and/0r ice on the driveway. If you are checking in for a vacation rental and don’t have either chains or four-wheel drive please park on Delano and walk in, after turning around and pointing yourself back up Delano, so you don’t get stuck in our driveway.

Weather & roads update

The major access roads for Idyllwild are all clear at this time. Reports indicate that most of the neighborhood roads are clear as well but they can still be icy early morning and late evening.

The weather forecast for today is likely snow (60% probability) from 10:00 am throught the evening, however, it’s blue skies at 7:30 am. The forecast for Saturday (Valentine’s Day) and Sunday has been downgraded to partly cloudy with no snow expected. Monday (Presidents’ Day) still has a 70% probability of snow starting early morning. This may change as we get closer.

Even without additional snow there is still several feet of it on the ground in all areas. It’s cold and won’t be melting off for some time to come. What does melt during the day re-freezes at night, which self-insulates and will help the snow last even longer.

Snow & road conditions

There was a light dusting of snow last night. Not enough to impact anything. There’s still several feet of snow on the ground in the meadows and unplowed areas.

It’s still cold: night time 20s & 30s and daytime 40s. The forecast for snow has been downgraded to 50% for Friday and 30% for Saturday but is still at 70% for Sunday and is at 60% for Monday so it’s fairly likely that we’ll get additional snow this holiday weekend.

The main access roads are clear but can be icy late at night and early morning. Tributary roads are plowed but still mostly snow pack – crusty at night and in the mornings but can be slushy & slippery during the day.

Four and all wheel drive vehicles with good tread will be able to access most roads during the day but will still have to be careful at night and early morning. We are recommending chains for two-wheel drive vehicles, which can be purchased once up here at the Idyllwild Garage (951-659-2613) at the Chevron station on Highway 243 in the village area. They’ll install them for $20 and take them back off before heading down the hill for free. If you plan to wait and purchase chains once up here it would be a good idea to call first with your tire size to make sure they have them in stock. Front wheel drive vehicles would install on the front tires and rear-wheel on the back tires (duh!). Pick-ups without all or four-wheel drive will need weight in the back for traction (pick ups and vans are the worst for traction).

Snow a-go-go, forecast for this weekend and driving route

We think we got 15-18″ of accumulated snow (at the inn’s lower point in the valley along Strawberry Creek) out of this last storm, which is a lot more than was expected. Snow plows are having a hard time catching up although the highway and main roads are plowed with regularity.

This week is forecast to be cold – in the 40s during the day and 20s at night. More snow is forecast for this weekend – 60% chance on Friday, 40% chance on Saturday and back up to 60% chance on Sunday. These percentages are up from what was forecast yesterday. If you are coming up this weekend keep an eye on the weather link on this web site as well as the road conditions. Cross check against other weather sites – a composite is best. Also keep in mind that most use a weather station up in Pine Cove rather than at Idyllwild’s 1,000 foot lower elevation.

The best bet for getting up here will be from the south via Mountain Center, which means those coming from LA and Orange Counties will want to select the “gentlest drive” from our set of online directions – the route that takes Hwy 79 North from Gilman Springs or I-10 to Ramona Expressway, around the back side of Hemet and San Jacinto and to the 74 and up the mountain via Mountain Center. The northern route from Banning comes through Pine Cove, which is 1,000 feet higher than Idyllwild and will have more snow and ice and is more likely to be closed because of weather conditions.

It is absolutely gorgeous. The trees are still covered with snow – every branch – and the skies yesterday and today are brilliant blue. Actually, everything’s covered in snow but the trees look particularly beautiful with theri snow caps on.

It’s still snowing

It snowed off and on all day yesterday and last night – unexpectedly. Where we are at the inn the accumulation is around 6-8″ (signficantly more than was expected). It’s snowing heavily now and it is likely to continue all day, according to the weather link on our web site.

There will be plenty of snow around next weekend for the holiday for which we have a couple rooms available at the inn for Friday night only and a couple rooms available for Sunday night only and nothing at the inn for Saturday night. There are still a handful of vacation rental cabins available for a two-night minimum, although the pricing is better if you take all three nights of the holiday weekend.

Our online Availability Calendar is always up to date.

Snow continues to fall

Snow has been falling off and on since early Saturday morning. What started out as a light and fluffy couple of inches is now approaching 4-5″ and it’s still coming down. Keep in mind that I am reporting form one of the lower points in the valley and that the higher elevations in Fern Valley, and particularly in Pine Cove, will have a lot more snow than we do here at the inn.

More snow is projected early this week so I predict that there will be plenty of snow around next weekend for the holiday for which we have a couple rooms available at the inn for Friday night only and a couple rooms available for Sunday night only and nothing at the inn for Saturday night. There are still a handful of vacation rental cabins available for a two-night minimum, although the pricing is better if you take all three nights of the holiday weekend.

Our online Availability Calendar is always up to date.

A couple inches of snow last night

The inn got a couple inches of snow last night, which means more in the village and other even slightly higher elevations, like Humber Park and Pine Cove.

The inn is full tonight but we do have vacation rental cabins available, which have a two night minimum stay or a 50% surcharge for a one-night stay.

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