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Archive for March, 2008

Spring in the mountains is magical

I opened the wooden blinds to my bathroom this morning to see our residence meadow populated with Stellars Jays and a covey of quail enjoying the bird seed we throw out for them. The birds are back and the nesting is beginning; soon we’ll have long strings of baby quail dutifully following their parents through the meadows and down by the creek.

It’s true that most of the snow is gone but it’s been known to snow through parts of May, but pretty soon all thoughts of a cold, white ground cover will be replaced with images of the creek flanked by lush green plants of all varieties. Spring in the mountains is magical.

A thick blanket of snow and the sounds of silence

As I walked into our residence meadow to take Honey for her morning consitutional I was reminded how muffling a thick blanket of snow is. Other than the rushing of the creek all I could here was my own crunching footsteps while the rest of the world was under a blanket of sound-deadening insulation. Oh yah… it was also pretty to look at – all the trees, bushes, cabins and fences were topped with the white powdery stuff.

Unexpectedly, we got a 6″ blanket of snow last night – more in higher elevations. It’s now partly cloudy with a reasonably high possibility of additional precipitation during the day but sunny days are expected starting tomorrow through the weekend.

Light dusting of snow

There’s already a light dusting of snow. Our weather site projects a 70% chance of precipitation later tonight that is likely to be snow. It should be pretty in the morning.

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